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Education & Community was born in 2019 because the Denver Public Schools needed to hear from the communities they serve, which are made up of 70 percent students of color. The main purpose is to debunk the notion that Black and Latino kids need to be bussed into and integrated into predominantly White schools in order to receive a quality education. The basis for the integration theory is the decision in the 1954 case of Brown vs. Board of Education by the Supreme Court which addressed desegregation and school integration.

The purpose of Education & Community is to support the involvement of individuals and organizations in public education policy, research, and practice. We will hear community perspectives about public education practices and policies. And then we will use that input to influence legislators, school board members, and education leaders in order to ensure that education decisions are informed by the communities that they are intended to serve.

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The Education and Community Collective will be our enterprise entity responsible for bringing innovative solutions and products to the marketplace to sustain the nonprofit’s overall mission.

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Searching for “Public” in Public Education

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